Staff Club

The Staff club facilitates social interaction among all the staff members of various departments of this college. All teaching, non-teaching and administrative staffs are members of this club by defualt.

The club aims at the welfare of its members and family. The main activities of the staff-club includes organizing lectures, celebrating festivals, conducting family tour and get-together, participating in family events etc.

Staff Club Committee  (2023-2024)


Smt. Cinimole K G, Principal

Vice President

Sri. Saji M G, Lecturer in Computer Engineering


 Gireesh Kumar, Workshop Instructor, General Workshop

Executive Committee Members

Sri. Baiju A K

Sri, Prajith Salin

Sri. Rajesh M

Sri. Sanju

Smt. Resmi S R

Sri. Shyju S

Smt.Devi A J



Onam Celebration - 2023
Onam Celebration - 2023

Onam Celebration